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The Queen has been assassinated, with no true suspects found. While trying to recover from this tragedy, Haltbent is thrown to the mercy of the unknown danger still lurking within the streets of this powerful kingdom. 
Will you join yourself to the fate of Haltbent? 
Will you protect the kingdom?
Or work to destroy it?  
Join today and allow the fate of Haltbent to rest in your hands.  

Welcome to Haltbent

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Be sure to check out the tryouts for Heads of Houses as well as for members of the Royal Family here and here!

All information pages are updated! Be on watch for new graphics, and a new feature to be added soon!

Calder is the new moderator of Haltbent! Congratulations!

Rules #6 in General Rules and #5 in Character Rules have been updated. Be sure to check them out! 

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